Composite Tooling and Molds
Turn Point Design specializes in CNC cut female molds.  We can create a mold or tool directly from a variety of substrates including tooling foams, graphite, composites, plywood, plastics, and aluminum.  We can help you choose a substrate depending on the number of parts you need to produce and the temperatures the mold will need to withstand.  If accuracy is of utmost importance, we can probe the part once machined to find the true tolerances achieved and produce a detailed report.

Instrument Mold w/ Insert machined from Monolithic Graphite




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Laminating:  If you need custom parts built for your project, Turn Point Design can design, build the tools, laminate the parts, and then add further detailing with our 5-axis CNC router.  This allows economical production of one off parts for your custom application.


Reverse Engineering:  With the use of 3d scanning equipment we can reverse engineer an existing part, tool or mold.  We can modify this file or cut it directly in any material we can machine.

CNC machined plugs
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Molds and Tooling for Composite Parts